Craving a Sweet or a Treat? Here’s What’s Hitting the Marketplace

When the crisp, cool air of autumn comes in, our minds turn to fall festivals, pumpkins, corn mazes, and delicious fall treats.  Are you hungry for caramel apples, kettle corn, pumpkin pie or fresh hot chocolate?  Ice cream is still an annual favorite too, and the market is changing to meet the latest demands of customers.

Fall 2022 Ice Cream Trends

Changing consumer diets, scientific discoveries, and COVID 19 are the main contributors to the latest ice cream  trends hitting the marketplace.

Health is Key

Consumers are paying more attention to their health and wellness and are seeking ‘alternatives’ to traditional ice cream. Manufacturers are responding by coming up with creative ways to offer the same popular desserts but with healthier ingredients. Known as ‘functional ingredients’, some popping up in ice cream treats today include probiotics, protein, fiber and CBD. 

Plant-Based Treats

Plant-based foods and ice cream are gaining in popularity. Businesses are adapting to consumer behavior by creating ice cream without the traditional dairy ingredients. In 2020, plant-based food sales were up 27%.   Manufacturers are also coming up with lactose and dairy-free options that still have the flavor and texture of regular ice cream.

Single Serving, Anyone?

Ice cream treats in single-serve packages are on the rise, as in-home snacking grows in popularity.  Water and fruit puree-based frozen treats are expected to grow over 11% by 2028.

Businesses this year are creating ways to offer more ice cream snacks that are convenient and indulgent. 

Other Ice Cream Innovations

Modern innovations have given manufacturers more options to serve mess-free ice cream. 

Dealing with melted ice cream is a chief challenge for ice-cream lovers.  Over the past few years, manufacturers have introduced the world’s first non-melting popsicle, and found a way to slow down the melting process. The good news is the mess is being reduced without compromising the flavor.

Limited-edition flavors are also hitting the marketplace in greater numbers.  Manufacturers are increasing sales by letting consumers know they will miss out if they don’t act quickly.  They will often use this marketing technique in conjunction with holidays and special events. 

Some Traditions Never Die

Americans still love their chocolate ice cream.  According to a new survey, the popular flavor is at the top of the list of 2022 favorites, followed by cookies n’ cream, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream flavors. 

About three-fourths of Americans eat ice cream at least once a week, and 2 out of 3 enjoy an ice cream snack at night.  Eight-four percent still buy their ice cream at the grocery store. Bowls and waffle cones top the list of how people prefer to eat their treat. 

Popular fall ice cream flavors include nutmeg, pumpkin, bourbon apple pie, chai, toasted marshmallow, cinnamon, pumpkin coconut and caramel apple. 

Want to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth?

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