How to Keep a December Birthday Special

Are you a December baby?  Don’t let the holidays ruin your birthday celebration. People born in this month have many very special qualities to brag about on their big day.

Research indicates people born in December tend to have more stable personalities. A survey done by an associate professor at a university in Budapest of 366 students, revealed people born in winter have fewer temper tantrums, a cheerful mood and a more positive attitude. Plus, studies indicate they are less likely to suffer from major diseases.

Oh, by the way, the two rarest days to give birth in the U.S. are on December 24th and 25th. Don’t worry if you are one of them. No matter what date your birthday falls on, there are ways you can celebrate a December birthday in style.

Separate Birthdays from Christmas

Set the holiday stuff aside. Bring out an actual birthday cake, presents wrapped in birthday paper, put out birthday decorations, and keep the birthday traditions.

Have a Birthday Experience

Instead of a traditional party, invite friends out for a fun experience.  Have a special getaway weekend to honor the birthday, or engage in a fun activity. 

Give a Different Kind of Gift

Instead of another wrapped item or toy, give the gift of time.  A coupon for a night-out; a spa treatment, or a gift card along with a day out to spend it, may be more appreciated.

Choose a Birthday Bash Theme

Pick a special theme for the day to celebrate what the birthday person loves. Ideas include animals, the outdoors, games, fairies, airplanes, cars and more.

Decorate the Tree, Birthday Style

Stop having Christmas for a day. Cover the Christmas tree with streamers, balloons and birthday bows for a special touch.  You can also put a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign on the tree or hang unlit birthday candles. Get creative!

Preserve Family Birthday Traditions

Keep your year-round birthday traditions intact in December, whatever they may be.  Hand out the birthday donut, gobble up a special birthday cake, or make a favorite dessert.  Also, remind family and friends to give birthday cards only; keep birthday presents and Christmas gifts separate; and to skip the holiday wrapping paper. 

Have a Half Birthday

Wait a few months and then throw a ‘half’ birthday party.  This means, if you have a birthday in December, throw a separate celebration in June.  This is a truly unique way to make your birthday year stand out from the crowd.

December Party Ideas

Be creative with your party planning in December.  Host a pizza or restaurant crawl; Head out to a skating rink or ski resort; Have a chocolate-themed party;  Throw a cookie-making contest; or have an indoor tropical party. Plan a vacation adventure.  The possibilities are endless.

Let Us Help You Celebrate!

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