Make Your Winter Birthday Bash a Blast

Make Your Winter Birthday Bash a Blast

Have a winter birthday? Don’t let the winter blues get you down! It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child. There are many fabulous ways to celebrate in style. Here are some ideas to consider.

Kid-Friendly Party Ideas

Planning to host a winter birthday bash for a child? Here are some fun and creative ways to celebrate their special day.

Have a Sleepover 

A slumber party is still a classic way for the kids to celebrate a birthday. After the party games, host a special dinner in honor of the birthday boy or girl. Then, get the kids involved in a ‘make your own dessert’ activity. Put the guests in a finished basement and turn on a movie. They can wear themselves out there and fall asleep without disturbing you.

Serve Up Brunch

A small, cozy brunch is sure to warm up hearts and tummies. This is a great way for the kids to bond and adults to socialize over yummy breakfast foods and treats. Following the meal, play creative, competitive games outside. You can have prizes for the winners and send everyone home with a goodie bag. 

Organize a Playdate

Host a small group playdate someplace fun. Invite just a few special friends and head to the local skating rink, a moon bounce facility, or another indoor facility to burn off energy. A smaller group will keep the cost down too.

Party at Home

If you want to invite a lot of guests, throw a birthday bash at home. A DIY party featuring games, crafts, and simple foods is still a very popular way to celebrate. Ask a friend or hire another parent to help organize the fun and games. Find low-cost entertainment for the party. Hire someone who does hair tinsel or makes balloon animals. Invite a jewelry making artist to create necklaces or bracelets for the guests. 

Kids Birthday Party Success Tips

There are some tried and true methods to ensure a winter party is a hit with the kids. Serve familiar food like chicken fingers, pizza, and tacos. Pick creative names for the items. Choose a party theme. Reflect it in the cake, party favors, and decorations. Get the kids involved. Let them make their own mini pizzas and decorate cupcakes or ice cream sundaes. 

Adult Birthday Bash Ideas

If you’re an adult with a winter birthday, you deserve to celebrate too. Here are some fun birthday bash ideas.

How about an after-ski party? Dress in tacky after-ski clothes. Indulge in hearty, hot foods and drinks. Decorate the “lodge” with white balloons, pinecones, and fresh evergreen sprigs.

A black and white ball is a simple, yet elegant theme. Dress in formal attire and have a sit-down dinner. Get a caterer and hire a DJ for dancing. 

A fire and ice theme features opposite elements such as light and dark, or hot and cold. Candles or warm colors can represent fire, while blue and white can signify ice.

Have a flannel party where everyone must dress in flannel. Highlight the theme in napkins, tablecloths, and party favors. 

Throw a winter astrology party. Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the major signs of the season. Hang stars, planets, and celestial-colored balloons. This is a great way to celebrate multiple winter birthdays.

Leave the Planning to Us

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