New Year’s Eve Celebrations

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

The start of the New Year on January 1st is celebrated around the world. We honor the occasion with traditions, special foods, vows, and rituals to make the new year the best it can be. Let’s dive into what this day is all about and how the hoopla got started.

Origins of New Year’s Celebrations

The earliest recorded celebration is believed to date back some 4,000 years to ancient Babylon. According to, they honored the new year at the first new moon after the vernal equinox.  

Throughout time, civilizations typically welcomed the new year during a significant astronomical or agricultural event. 

It was later tied to January 1st after a calendar reform effort by Roman emperor Julius Caesar. 

He introduced the Julian calendar, which closely resembles the modern Gregorian calendar used today. Romans celebrated by exchanging gifts, decorating their homes, and attending raucous parties. 

New Year’s Traditions

Many countries today celebrate the new year by eating food thought to bring good luck for the coming year. There are many traditional New Year’s dishes that are served up. Legumes look like coins and are believed to bring future financial success. Pigs and pork represent progress and prosperity. Ring-shaped cakes and pastries are a sign the year has come full circle. Some countries serve rice pudding with an almond hidden inside. Whoever finds the nut can expect 12 months of good fortune.  

America’s New Year’s Celebrations

An iconic celebration in America features a 700-pound ball drop from Times Square in New York City. Millions of people around the world watch the event live on television at the stroke of midnight. The ball drop has been a tradition since 1907. Americans also ring in the new year with champagne toasts, resolutions, and the singing of “Auld Lang Syne”.  

New Year’s Rituals

Besides eating lucky foods, there are a few other rituals cultures follow to ensure a good year.  

According to superstition, keeping money in your wallet will bring financial stability and prosperity. Filling up your cupboard for the new year will help you and your family avoid hardship. If you carry around an empty suitcase on New Year’s Eve, you can expect a year filled with new experiences and traveling. Leave windows and doors open to “let out the old” year and bring in the new one. If you want a healthy snack, eating 12 grapes will reportedly give you a year of good fortune. Wearing white or polka dots is said to bring on good luck and peace.  

New Year’s Resolutions

The practice of making goals for the new year likely dates back more than 4,000 years to the Babylonians.  

Historians believe the people made promises to pay debts or return stuff they borrowed. Some popular resolutions people make today include starting a gratitude journal, regular exercising, making time for family, budgeting, and cooking new foods.  

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