Our Story

Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company

No small town is complete without a family-friendly spot to grab a scoop of delicious ice cream. In order to raise the bar, Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company owner Katie Johnson knew she wanted to provide something fresh, natural, and great-tasting for the community. That meant skipping the bagged mixes and mass-produced mystery cartons, instead choosing to carefully study every ingredient and play a hands-on role in each step of the process.

Our team scoured the area for the best suppliers of local ingredients, forging partnerships with responsible producers throughout the region. Sourcing our supplies locally allows us to make our frozen treats a delicious representation of the very best the area has to offer. After all, Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company was built on the philosophy of community, and that means supporting local businesses and providing a consistently exceptional product.

Handmade in Small Batches

Here at Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company, we don’t believe in using preservatives or artificial ingredients to extend the shelf-life of our delicious ice cream – so all of our frozen treats are made right here at the shop in small batches. We pride ourselves on offering the freshest products available, and spend hours making new batches of our frozen treats at least three times a week. After all, our philosophy is that ice cream should be more than just a tasty treat; each scoop is an opportunity to create happiness and memories that will last for years to come.

Crafting our products in-house also allows us the flexibility to experiment with seasonal flavors and unique creations, meaning we can offer our guests exciting new choices every time they come in! This hands-on process also lets the Norwood team provide customers with important information about every product, so we can guide customers toward flavors that meet their tastes and their dietary needs – no surprise allergens or mystery ingredients here. Cup or cone, you can always rest assured that you’re getting the very best at Norwood.

Supporting Local Businesses

Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company prides itself on supporting local agricultural businesses by sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients from right here in the community. One small example? After carefully evaluating local suppliers for our dairy-based ice creams, we chose to use the finest milk and cream delivered fresh from Leiby’s Dairy, which is just a short drive away in Tamaqua, PA. Leiby’s dairy products come from grass-fed, heritage breed cows raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, and are minimally processed to ensure a great, natural product – just like our ice cream!

In addition to working with local farmers, Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company has also forged some innovative partnerships with other phenomenal businesses in the area. For starters, we are thrilled to bring one of Baltimore’s best-loved treats to Eldersburg by offering the finest chocolates and old-fashioned candies from Wockenfuss. We chose Wockenfuss because, like Norwood, they are family-owned and have a commitment to quality that has made them a Charm City tradition for over 100 years.

And of course, we also feature products from shops on our local historic Main Street in Sykesville! Whether it’s our Coffee Toffee (featuring the French Twist Café’s premium espresso) or our Earl Grey ice cream (steeped in the very best from Sweet Simplici-tea), we work hand-in-hand with businesses in historic downtown Sykesville to bring you the greatest in wholesome, innovative ice cream.

Our Family

Sykesville has been home to Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company owner Katie Johnson and her family for nearly fifteen years. Having spent years in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, Katie relished coming home to this quiet, charming community nestled along the Patapsco River. As our area continues to attract outsiders, Katie saw the need for a local ice cream shop and jumped at the opportunity to bring fresh ingredients and handcrafted products to the people of Eldersburg and beyond.

Knowing her customers deserved the very best, Katie and her family took a leap of faith in early 2016 and rented a space on Sykesville’s beautiful Main Street to bring their dream to life. In order to prepare for this new venture, she chose to attend the prestigious Penn State Ice Cream Short Course (ICSC) where, through her studies, she mastered traditional ice cream-making techniques under the watchful eye of the finest minds in the industry. And ice cream school isn’t all fun and games – Katie’s curriculum included extensive coursework in the science and math that goes into creating wholesome, innovative, and delicious ice cream.

After graduating from the ICSC in January 2017, Katie and her family jumped on the next big task – bringing their sweet dreams to life! After months of hard work and determination, Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company was born. Today, they serve up heaping scoops of their super premium, artisanal ice cream alongside amazing local restaurants in the Eldersburg Exchange. Each member of the family – Katie, her husband Doug, and their children Colin and Charlotte – works together with the Norwood team to give their customers a top-notch experience and keep them coming back for more.

Katie and her family love to create fun new flavors, bringing joy to friends and neighbors with their handcrafted delights. Their favorite part of this adventure is bringing the community together and sharing their passion for delicious ice cream. In just the short time since opening, Katie and her team have witnessed some amazing moments: reunions between classmates and colleagues, budding romances, and lots of laughter shared by friends and family. So whether you need a pick-me-up after a long day or just want the cherry on top after a relaxing weekend, a visit to Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company is guaranteed to leave you happy.

The Norwood Team

As an entrepreneur and a community member, Katie takes great pride in using Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company as a place to pass along her knowledge of both ice cream and business operations. The staff at Norwood is carefully selected, extensively trained, and taught to provide the very best in customer service to each and every guest. Our dedicated staff allows us to ensure that every customer has a great experience and leaves with a smile on their face.