Pint Club

Attention all Foodies! Norwood Ice Cream & Candy Company announces our 6th Annual Norwood Pint Club!!

Five years ago, we debuted our first collection of subscription-only flavors. In 2023, we’ll be hand-crafting one new exclusive flavor per month, available only to those who participate in the Club. Twelve flavors, exquisitely combined masterpieces of ice cream flavor sensation – perfectly matched to enhance the mood and feeling of each calendar month.

You’ll also get a second, seasonal pint from the selection of creative concoctions currently available in our dipping cabinet that month.

For a mouthwatering preview of what awaits you, there are descriptions of each hand-crafted custom confection, listed by month in the form further down the page.

Subscription Details & Discounts

Memberships include one pint of the Pint Club flavor and one additional pint of your choice. Participants will be notified through email each month for pickup dates for the pints.

Option 1: 3 Month Subscription $62 (+tax) [Please select 3 below]

Option 2: 6 Month Subscription $125 (+tax) [Please select 6 below]

Option 3: 12 Month Subscription $250 (+tax) [Includes all months]

Fill out the form below, making sure to select the specific months you want, then either call (410) 875-7238 to pay over the phone or stop in and purchase in person.

It’s the perfect holiday gift for that special someone who has everything and loves to eat creatively!

Please Note
If you have food allergies, we can work with you to make special accommodations when purchasing the 12-month package.

We will make every attempt to procure all ingredients necessary to develop the creations we have described here. However, if there are circumstances out of our control and we’re not able to obtain a particular specialty item then we’ll alter our recipes as necessary.

Lastly, as this is a new way to share our love for ice cream – we very much request that those who participate commit to offer us their feedback. Thank you in advance!!

Sign Up!

  • Name & Contact Info
    We'll notify you by email monthly, between the 10th - 15th, altering you as to when the pints will be available for pick up.

  • Select a 3, 6 or 12 Month Subscription

  • Choose Your Flavors
    12 month members skip this part!

  • Please discuss any food allergies with us. Norwood reserves the right to change flavors if necessary.