Support your local community through ice cream

Ice cream is a great way to support your local community. Going to a local ice cream shop with family and friends can really help small shops grow.

Ice Cream can bring your community closer

Having a local ice cream shop can have more effects than you may think. They allow for people to come together and talk about what flavors they like and may even meet up to go together. In a community, having small local businesses to help provide unity can really be a difference maker.

Ice Cream is not expensive and is a great way to put money towards your community

There are much more expensive things out there than ice cream. The little money each family spends there can end up being a big “donation” to that area of the community. Even just taking your family to get ice cream one night can really help that business grow. It is important in the community to find ways to be able to support one another, and this is a great way to do so.

The community thrives off consumers

If everyone eliminated shopping at local businesses, our community would be going downhill. Small businesses rely on those people that choose local shops over large merchandising websites. It is very easy to support your local community in these little ways, but without consumers, these businesses would be stuck.

For a local ice cream shop that focuses on the community go to Norwood’s Ice Cream and Candy Company at 410-875-7238. Go to Norwood’s and look to support your local community.