The Best Desserts to Pair With Ice Cream

Obviously ice cream is our favorite, but we can’t resist other desserts, either! As ice cream experts, we’re sharing our favorite desserts that pair with frozen treats.

Keeping It Classic

The first dessert on this list obviously has to be pie! Possibly the best food pairing since peanut butter and chocolate, ice cream and pie go together like peas in a pod, if you’ll excuse all the culinary idioms. The classic choice, of course, is vanilla ice cream and apple pie, but there’s nothing to say you can’t get creative with it! Join our pint club to explore exclusive handcrafted flavors and seasonal concoctions every month. Let us know which flavor pairing makes for the best dessert combination!

Birthday Style

Party like it’s your birthday! Another classic combination, cake and ice cream are the celebratory desserts of choice for many– and for good reason! Some like one more than the other, but we say why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Rich, moist cake and cold, creamy ice cream are a match made in dessert heaven. But if you’re really not a cake person, consider an ice cream cake customized to include your favorite classic or seasonal flavors. We’ll just leave this linkhere…

Sundae Best

Chocoholics unite! For extra chocolatey goodness, try topping a rich, fudgy brownie with your favorite ice cream flavor and enjoy the explosion of sugary deliciousness. Something about combining the yummy cake-like texture of brownies and the cold creaminess of ice cream just hits differently. Take it a step further and add candy, sprinkles, whipped cream, hot fudge, or other toppings to make yourself a brownie sundae!

Make a Meal of It

Feeling extra hungry? Cookies + ice cream = the best ice cream sandwiches ever, period. Plus, it’s a great to-go option when you’re in a hurry, and they’re easy to store if you like to buy in bulk! We sell our own ice cream – cookie sandwiches and can even make some gluten free for any customers who need it. Sink your teeth into something delicious and filling when you indulge in an ice cream – cookie sandwich!

Did We Get You Craving a Sweet Treat?

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