Top 4 Reasons to Order a Norwood Ice Cream Cake This Summer

It’s officially summertime, and the annual Golden Age of our favorite dessert has begun! But cups, cones, sundaes, and sandwiches aren’t the only ways to get your fix. At Norwood, we love creating hand-crafted ice cream cakes for all your special occasions. We just ask that you begin dreaming of your perfect tasty treat early and submit the order form here at least a week in advance so we’ll have plenty of time to whip up a quality concoction! With the logistics out of the way, here are our top four reasons why you should order a Norwood ice cream cake this summer.

Celebration Central

From anniversaries to baby showers to graduations to everything in between, no party is complete without a cake! May through October is a hot spot for special occasions and celebrations, and you want to make sure each one is memorable. Ice cream is also a much lighter dessert than conventional cake, so you’ll get all the flavor with more space to fill up on other party goodies. With the taste and consistency of your favorite dessert in the form of a celebratory classic, you can have your cake and eat it too– literally!

Keeping Cool

The sun is beating down, any semblance of a breeze has vanished, and your party guests are beginning to look distinctly wilted…then lo and behold, a hero arrives bearing a sweet treat to fight the heat! Warm weather is the perfect time to bring out a refreshingly cool dessert to rejuvenate your friends and family as well as the spirit of the gathering. You won’t have to worry about having leftovers to melt in the sun when every bit of the dessert is delicious, right down to the chocolate drizzle on top!

They’re Customizable

While we all know what we like, some of us are more picky than others– but with fully customizable cakes, there’s no need to worry. Choose your favorite classic Norwood flavor or mix and match multiple to create a whirlwind of deliciousness. Love our seasonal flavors? You may be in luck! You can give us a call at (410) 875-7238 to ask which flavors we currently have in rotation for an even more unique cake.

Next, choose from a selection of toppings at no extra charge, including sprinkles, cookie dough, and even toasted coconut! Take this cake to the next level with caramel or chocolate drizzle and request a personalized message on top written in the tastiest “ink” you’ll find: chocolate. If inspiration strikes, talk to us about our gorgeous specialty cakes to design the dessert of your dreams for a special day!

Lastly, we also offer adjusted recipes at an additional cost for any loved ones with dietary restrictions. Contact us for more information and we’ll work with you to adapt accordingly!

Norwood Knows Ice Cream

Now, you might be thinking something along the lines of “If I want an ice cream cake, all I have to do is pop into the nearest grocery store and grab a box– why should I go to a local creamery?” Well, friends, we love any and all ice cream as much as anyone, but handcrafted ice cream just hits differently. When you make a purchase from a big corporation or unknown brand, there’s no guarantee of where the ingredients are coming from– or where your money is going. At Norwood, we produce ice cream three times a week using our own recipes while mixing in fresh, in-season fruit plus many ingredients made from scratch. And when you support Norwood, you support an entire community of small, local businesses– one that you yourself call home.

We’re proud to provide fresh, locally-sourced, and uniquely delicious ice cream to all of you, and your support means everything to us!

Did We Get You Craving a Sweet Treat?

Come pay us a visit! Norwood is a local ice cream shop that handcrafts each unique flavor in small batches here in our store in Eldersburg, Maryland. Come on down to 5957 Exchange Drive, Suite F for a cup or cone or give us a call at (410) 875-7238 to order a custom cake for your next big celebration! Our hours are Monday – Thursday 12pm-8pm, Friday – Saturday 12pm-9:30pm, and Sunday 12pm-8pm. Check out our website here for our current flavors!