Top Trends in the Ice Cream Business

Ice cream is no doubt here to stay.  People love ice cream and the industry is working on new innovations to keep customers satisfied.  Here are a few of the future ice cream  trends worth keeping an eye on.

Counting Calories

Low calorie ice cream is attractive to many consumers.  In fact, many ice cream products now feature calorie counts in large fonts on their packaging.  According to statista, individuals ate about 6.4 pounds of low-fat ice cream per person in 2022.  There is a definite shiftin the industry to provide consumers with new, healthier recipes.  Many ice cream brands are adding protein to their recipes and the trend is expected to grow. Consumers are also seeing more low-fat, low-sugar and plant-based options.  

Dairy-Free Products

Plenty of non-dairy ice creams and frozen treats can be found on the market these days.  Replacements for dairy include coconut milk, almond milk, and oat milk.  People who are on a special diet or want more variety are turning to non-dairy options.  Vegan options are also being offered to consumers.

Healthier Ingredients

Brands are also adding functional ingredients to their ice cream. These include probiotics, protein, fiber and CBD.   Functional ice cream is a healthy option and can help reduce the risk of diseases. 

Many consumers are also moving to plant-based ice creams that feature lower saturated fat levels and zero cholesterol.   Environmental concerns are also fueling the change.  Cow’s milk has significantly higher impacts on the environment than plant-based alternatives.  New and innovative plant-based products and packaging can help make a difference.

What Ice Cream Consumers Want

Shoppers also want to know the origin of their ice cream ingredients. People want to see the fruits they’re eating, as well as big chunks of dough or nuts in their ice cream.  Small, bite-sized ice creams are also quickly gaining in popularity.  Consumers want mini portion sizes so they consume less sugar, less fat and fewer calories.  Ice-cream lovers also want ice cream mashups and flavor combinations.

Unique Flavor Blends

Ice cream makers are creating sophisticated flavors that appeal to more mature palates.  Ethnic flavors, alcohol, tea and spices are just a few.   Pair these with traditional ice cream for a premium treat. 

Savory and salty flavors, such as potato chips, french fries, and salty pretzels are on the rise.  The truly brave can throw in blue cheese, foie gras, avocado or corn.

Small Batches and Personalization

People are becoming more drawn to customized ice cream and unique flavors that come in small batches.  Limited edition ice cream has great appeal, especially to those with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  Many ice cream shops are focusing on personalized treats to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Let Us Satisfy Your Ice Cream Craving

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