Your Ice Cream Personality: What Your Favorite Flavor Says About You

Your Ice Cream Personality

Ever wonder why you happen to love vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream? Perhaps you crave butter pecan, chocolate chip, or rainbow sherbet. Your preference may be tied to your personality. Read on to see what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you.

The Research Guy

The man responsible for the research on this topic is neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment Foundation. He says the taste for our favorite ice cream is set during childhood and remains with us as adults. Here are some of his findings.

Vanilla Ice Cream

People who prefer vanilla are impulsive and take risks. They are also emotionally expressive, independent, and set high goals. 

Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate lovers are flirtatious, charming, and dramatic. If you are one of them, you are also joyful, artistic, and love life. Chocolate fanatics can also be gullible and easily tempted.

Mint Chocolate Chip

If your favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip, you’re always mixing it up. This ice cream signifies ambition, confidence, and frugalness. These folks also tend to be argumentative.


Strawberry lovers are often tolerant, devoted, and introverted. Being logical and thoughtful are other common traits. You can also be trusted. 

Rocky Road

If you’re a rocky road fan, you’re a good listener and engaging. However, you tend to be aggressive. Be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. 

Rainbow Sherbet

The bright colors and fruity taste of this treat doesn’t match the personalities of those who love it. Rainbow sherbet fans are commonly pessimistic, analytical, and decisive. 

Butter Pecan

These folks tend to be perfectionists who don’t like leaving a mess. If you prefer this flavor, you also like to take charge, and are detail-oriented, logical, and ethical. 

Chocolate Chip

If you prefer chocolate chip ice cream, you are competitive and like to conquer challenges. You may also be charismatic but tend to be demanding.

Cookie Dough

If you enjoy DIY projects and crafts, you’re likely a fan of cookie dough ice cream. Cookie dough lovers are also resourceful and drawn to big patterns and bright colors. You probably love dogs too. 

Cookies & Cream

If you are drawn to this flavor, you’re smooth, personable, and have a sense of humor. You also tend to be cool and aren’t one to follow trends. 

Caramel Ice Cream

This flavor is gobbled up by people who enjoy yoga or meditation. They also tend to be cat lovers and wear a lot of black.

The Scoop on Food Cravings

Have you ever wondered why you just HAD to have that chocolate chip cookie? How about that bowl of chocolate ice cream? People tend to crave chocolate, salt, carbs, fat, and sugar. Here’s why.

Our cravings can be blamed on our brains. Research suggests areas responsible for memory and sensing pleasure are behind our food cravings. How many of us desire fresh popcorn when we go to the movies or a hotdog at the ballpark? It’s that familiar setting and smell that lures us in. 

An intense craving could mean you are dehydrated, stressed, or lacking sleep. Emotions can also fuel them. The good news is cravings do pass. If you are having one, take a walk or talk to a friend. Food substitutions can also work. Substitute a candy bar with a piece of dark chocolate. Have fresh veggies and dip instead of potato chips.

Craving a Sweet Ice Cream Treat? 

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